Important Information About Algeria

Algeria is a country full of mountains, including the Atlas range of mountains which divides it from the Sahara desert which is to its south. You will find many oak trees and cedar trees growing on the Algerian slopes, sometimes huge in size. It is increasing its ability transport people on roads and railroads in recent years and has a flourishing industry. The mountains are also full of rivers which supplies valuable water resources. The most important river is the Cheliff, which is around 400 miles in length and eventually empties into the Mediterranean. During the rainy portion of the year, which is from October and March in Algeria, the river can become quite dangerous as it thunders down the mountain slopes. Algeria also has many marshlands in its central region. These area were once considered dangerous and unhealthy regions to live in, but in recent years the Algerians have been working to transform these into rich farmlands where many fruits and vegetables are grown. The southern part of Algeria, which borders on the huge Sahara desert, is quite hot and not a very productive region. Much of it is currently not liven in, except where oases are found. Some of these are due to natural spring water, but some are manufactured due to the piping in of water with new irrigation projects. In recent years, over ten thousand palm trees have been planted to help create new oases in the desert. One thing can be certainly said of Algeria – it has a wide variety of climate zones, much like the United States and many other countries in the world. January is the coldest month of the year while August is the hottest. Algeria has some diverse wildlife as well, although many species, such as lions, are unfortunately now rare or extinct. Algeria is increasingly becoming popular as a tourist destination, as its reputation for beauty and culture becomes more well known. The Algerian government and many businesses have put a lot of effort into developing the tourism industry and amenities, and the number of tourists visiting Algeria is growing every year. If you are considering taking a trip to Algeria, here are some great places to consider visiting. First, you must visit the capital, Algiers. This huge metropolis has an important historical past, and was a major focus of many wars, especially the War of Algeria. A mountain village near the city, Djemila, is nearby and a UNESCO global heritage location as well (designated so in 1982). Inside this village you will find majestic Berbero-Roman ruins that include temples, basilicas, a theater, many different arches and other fine examples of Roman architecture. 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Despite political uncertainty and certain travel restrictions, it is worth the effort to see some of the many beautiful beaches in Algeria. If you go to the beach, you may even want to search for hidden Roman coins in the sand. If so, check out this page detailing the best metal detector models you can buy, including fisher metal detector models and garrett metal detectors. If you love sports, Algeria is definitely a country to visit as well. Did you know that there are not only many famous male Algerian athletes – but female ones as well? In 1978 the Algerian women’s handball squad competed in the world championships held in Prague. The African games have been held in Algeria as well and in 1978, it garnered third in all metals won, which meant it took in 16 gold metals, 19 silver metals and 23 bronze ones. In Madrid in 1982, Algeria qualified of the FIFA world championships, where they actually beat Germany! In 1990 they went on to win the men’s division African cup. This is perhaps unsurprising, given that soccer is considered the national sport of Algeria. Perhaps the best known athlete from Algeria is Hassiba Boulmerke, a female athlete who won an Olympic gold metal. In 2002, however, Algeria begun to compete activity in many other team sports, with the men’s basketball team placing 15th in the world! Algeria has also produced some accomplished swimmers, such as Salim Iles, and their female volleyball team did quite sell in the Beijing 2008 summer Olympics. Check out these great kids metal detector models as well these waterproof metal detectors! All in all, you should see that Algeria has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture, beauty, beaches, sports and much, much more!