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Welcome to ArcExpositions.Com

Welcome to Arcexpositions.Com. This site was originally registered in Algiers and posted information about national conferences, such as the one held on March 12, 2008:

Séminaire national
L’Entreprise algérienne face au défi du numérique : Etat et perspectives
Alger 12 Mars 2008
08h 45 : Accueil des participants
09h 15 : Discours d’ouverture
09h 30 : Numérique et entreprise : les défis d’aujourd’hui les enjeux de demain
Présenté par : DAHMANE M.
09H 50 : CRM et ERP en tant qu’outils de gestion : impact(s) sur l’entreprise
Présenté par : ALLAOUAT F.
10h 10 : Environnement de partage et d’échange de documents et d’informations via Internet et / ou intranet
Présenté par : YALAOUI B.
10H 30 : Pause café
11h 00 : La Numérisation des documents dans l’entreprise : Eléments de définition d’un projet
Présenté par : ALLAHOUM R.
11h 20 : La Certification de documents numériques : signature numérique
Présenté par : BESSAIFZ
11h 40 : Débat
12h 30 : Déjeuner
13h 45 : Reprise des travaux
14h 00 : Les Archives d’entreprise à l’ère du numérique
Présenté par : HAMMA M.
14h 20 : Les Aspects Juridiques de la Protection des systèmes d’Information dans les entreprises
Présenté par : BOUDER H.
14h 40 : L’univers Open Source et l’entreprise.
Présenté par : BOUABID A.
15h 00 : Débat
15h 30 : Synthèse des travaux du séminaire et discours de clôture
Original contact information was:

Adresse :
Cité 300 Logts Bt 15
N° 2 Bab Ezzouar

Contact information for the new owners can be found on the about page.

Other conference information originally posted on this site includes information on the:INTELLIGENCE ECONOMIQUE, ECONOMIE PROSPECTIVE ET MANAGEMENT conference held at the Grand Hôtel Mercure, Alger on March 30, 2009 (30 mars 2009). Here is some additional information on that conference: Animation : Faouzi Bensebaa, Professeur des universités Université Paris 12 et Université de Reims. Backpack vacuum cleaners. Intervenant en entreprises (France, Maroc, Algérie)

Faouzi Bensebaa est professeur en sciences de gestion à l’université de Reims, directeur de la recherche dans le groupe ISEG (groupe IONIS) et consultant en entreprise. Ses enseignements et ses interventions portent sur le management stratégique, le management de projets, le benchmarking, la conduite du changement, le management des organisations, le diagnostic stratégique, l’intelligence économique, la veille concurrentielle et la responsabilité sociale. Ses travaux ont une portée académique tout en étant proches des préoccupations des entreprises.

* Derniers ouvrages parus :
* l’Atlas du management 2009 (en collaboration avec David Autissier et Fabienne Boudier), éditions Eyrolles, novembre 2008 ;
* Mesurer la fonction logistique (en collaboration avec Joan Le Goff), éditions Eyrolles, février 2009. Chair lift for stairs. ~ Programme de la journée ~
8h.15 – Accueil et Inscriptions
8h45 – Présentation du séminaire
9h 00 – Introduction : le concept d’intelligence économique – enjeux, positionnement, wrought iron gazebos, principales composantes
10h 00 – L’intelligence économique défensive : manager la sécurité et la
11h 00 – Pause café
11h 15 – L’intelligence économique collaborative et offensive
12h 40 – Pause déjeuner
13h 45 – L’intelligence économique et la dimension stratégique et low cost diabetic supplies
14h 45 – Développement, innovation, veille et management des connaissances
15h 45 – Aperçu sur les outils de recherche et les outils d’analyse
16h 00 – Liens entre l’intelligence économique et le système d’information
16h 30 – Le rôle de la propriété industrielle
16h 45 – Conclusion : les nouveaux axes de l’intelligence économique et natural fertility treatments.
(comptable et financière ; sociale ; culturelle ; juridique ; humaine ; sportive)

Algeria is the second biggest country in terms of geography (land) on the African continent. It is found in the North of Africa and is bordered by many countries and the Mediterranean Sea. Its capital, of course, is Algiers. Its economy is largely based on oil and gas exports, like many other countries in the region, but in recent years it has also started to undergo a rapid process of industrial transformation. There is a large growing number of jobs currently available in Algeria for qualified workers. About eighty percent of the workforce is now literate, so many people are now entering into jobs not held historically such as management jobs, as well as jobs in the developing hotel and engineering industries and motorcycle accessories online. If you are interested in purchasing Christmas presents this year, check out these rocking horses for sale, especially these beautiful wooden rocking horses and the adorable little tikes rocking horse models for babies. Algeria’s government is making a lot of effort to create a safe and healthy working environment and conditions for its people as well as those seeking employment there who are coming from other countries. Nearly every industry in Algeria is experiencing rapid growth, and Algeria’s financial position is becoming stronger. There are many different fields offering employment in Algeria, including product management, marketing, telemarketing, senior management positions, executive and marketing director positions, client and public relation positions, and business development positions. Algeria is also rapidly developing its market for automobiles, particularly its spare part industries. Another great idea for Christmas presents for girls are wooden doll houses. Right now, it is important for Algeria to diversify its reliance on oil and an oil based economy as the markets have stagnated in recent years. This means improving on both the industrial and agricultural capacities of the country as well as encouraging investment from outside sectors. In recent years the real estate market in Algeria has started to boom as well, mainly due a housing shortage in the country. Hopefully these improvements will eventually lead to a major improvement of the quality life for all living in Algeria. Check out these beautiful plywood boat plans. Here are some additional factors you may not know about Algeria. Over a million people died in Algeria during its war for indepdence in 1962 with France. It is the largest exporter or propane gas in the world! Its temperatures fluctuate widely, and its highest ever temperature recorded was 60.5 centigrade. It is also a huge producer of oats, the largest in Africa. Don’t ride a motorcycle without a good motorcycle helmet, by the way! The country used to go by the name Numidia, by the way. Outdoor playsets. Nearly eighty percent of the country is desert, and its second largest city is Oran which means “two lions.” There are actually three languages spoken daily in Algeria: Arabic, Berber and French. The country actually has the highest cost of living in all of North Africa. Mount Tahat is the countries highest mountain peak, at 3003 meters. Bertolli’s olive oil mostly comes from Algeria, even though you might have thought it was from Italy. This page on nursery rocking chair models is pretty neat too. The day it celebrates its independence is November 1st, and this day is called Revolution day. The country is actually three times larger than the state of Texas in the United States. And the biggest sand dunes in the world are found in Algeria. Right now about a quarter of the population has a daily wage of under $2 a day. It’s national dish is couscous and its legal system is based on a combination of both French and Islamic law. In terms of agricultural imports, Algeria is the largest importer of all of Africa. If you own a PlayStation 3, check out these pages on PS3 overheating and the PS3 yellow light fix. Chlef, formerly the town known as Al-Asnam, shares its name with the countries longest river. It is also considered to be one of the hottest areas to live in Algeria! To learn more about ebook publishing, check out this ebook cover software programs that can easily generate an electronic book cover for your ebook. We also have additional information on where to purchase a quality motorcycle jacket online. Thanks for visiting!


Important Information About Algeria

Algeria is a country full of mountains, including the Atlas range of mountains which divides it from the Sahara desert which is to its south. You will find many oak trees and cedar trees growing on the Algerian slopes, sometimes huge in size. It is increasing its ability transport people on roads and railroads in recent years and has a flourishing industry. The mountains are also full of rivers which supplies valuable water resources. The most important river is the Cheliff, which is around 400 miles in length and eventually empties into the Mediterranean. During the rainy portion of the year, which is from October and March in Algeria, the river can become quite dangerous as it thunders down the mountain slopes. Algeria also has many marshlands in its central region. These area were once considered dangerous and unhealthy regions to live in, but in recent years the Algerians have been working to transform these into rich farmlands where many fruits and vegetables are grown. The southern part of Algeria, which borders on the huge Sahara desert, is quite hot and not a very productive region. Much of it is currently not liven in, except where oases are found. Some of these are due to natural spring water, but some are manufactured due to the piping in of water with new irrigation projects. In recent years, over ten thousand palm trees have been planted to help create new oases in the desert. One thing can be certainly said of Algeria – it has a wide variety of climate zones, much like the United States and many other countries in the world. January is the coldest month of the year while August is the hottest. Algeria has some diverse wildlife as well, although many species, such as lions, are unfortunately now rare or extinct. Algeria is increasingly becoming popular as a tourist destination, as its reputation for beauty and culture becomes more well known. The Algerian government and many businesses have put a lot of effort into developing the tourism industry and amenities, and the number of tourists visiting Algeria is growing every year. If you are considering taking a trip to Algeria, here are some great places to consider visiting. First, you must visit the capital, Algiers. This huge metropolis has an important historical past, and was a major focus of many wars, especially the War of Algeria. A mountain village near the city, Djemila, is nearby and a UNESCO global heritage location as well (designated so in 1982). Inside this village you will find majestic Berbero-Roman ruins that include temples, basilicas, a theater, many different arches and other fine examples of Roman architecture. If you are the owner of a Playstation 3, you may want to take a break to visit this important website detailing a wide variety of PS3 repair guide books plus specific instructions on PS3 red flashing light repair and PS3 yellow light fix instructions. Those who have an interest in the country’s artistic past should take time to visit the Nationwide Museum of Fine Arts. If you have an interest in the country’s culture and history, the Bardo Ethnographic museum is a must see as well. Algeria is a country with a lot of history and culture, and if you miss these museums you will miss out on understanding a lot of this historical important features of Algeria. You can also do historical trips such as going to the Hauts Plateaux, where you will find the ruins of the city of Tiemcen. However, if you are looking for relaxation and vacation, there are many other places in Algeria where you can enjoy a good meal or a beautiful view onto the Mediterranean. Despite political uncertainty and certain travel restrictions, it is worth the effort to see some of the many beautiful beaches in Algeria. If you go to the beach, you may even want to search for hidden Roman coins in the sand. If so, check out this page detailing the best metal detector models you can buy, including fisher metal detector models and garrett metal detectors. If you love sports, Algeria is definitely a country to visit as well. Did you know that there are not only many famous male Algerian athletes – but female ones as well? In 1978 the Algerian women’s handball squad competed in the world championships held in Prague. The African games have been held in Algeria as well and in 1978, it garnered third in all metals won, which meant it took in 16 gold metals, 19 silver metals and 23 bronze ones. In Madrid in 1982, Algeria qualified of the FIFA world championships, where they actually beat Germany! In 1990 they went on to win the men’s division African cup. This is perhaps unsurprising, given that soccer is considered the national sport of Algeria. Perhaps the best known athlete from Algeria is Hassiba Boulmerke, a female athlete who won an Olympic gold metal. In 2002, however, Algeria begun to compete activity in many other team sports, with the men’s basketball team placing 15th in the world! Algeria has also produced some accomplished swimmers, such as Salim Iles, and their female volleyball team did quite sell in the Beijing 2008 summer Olympics. Check out these great kids metal detector models as well these waterproof metal detectors! All in all, you should see that Algeria has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture, beauty, beaches, sports and much, much more!


Inscription and Registration. Here are some facts about independence day in Algeria. First, it is considered a public holiday and it is celebrated on July 5th. Algeria won its independence from France in 1962. France had ruled Algeria since 1830, so Algeria was under French control for about 132 years. During the French occupation, violence and epidemic disease caused a huge decline in the Algerian population. Between 1830 and 1872 it is estimated that over 1/3rd of the population of Algeria died from these causes. During this period, many French colonists arrived in Algeria and started creating farms in the territory, particularly along the coast. The native population lost their lands and were frequently deprived of the basics of education. Unsurprisingly, a resistance movement formed, known by 1954 as the Algerian National Liberation Front. They declared war again France in in 1958 were given the choice of either independence of colonization by election. Independence won in a hug landslide, and the country was formally declared as independent from France in 1962. Today, Algerian independence day is marked by a wide variety of cultural celebrations and is celebrated with much passion. Algerians wear green to a wide variety of parades and functions, since green is the national color of Algeria. During this day, there are many military parades, concerts and other cultural events. However, there has been bloodshed on independence day as well, as various groups use terrorism to protest and to try to promote political change in the country. Are you trying to become pregnant? If so, here are some great herbs for fertility as well as some Chinese herbs for fertility recommendations. Herbs are a method that has been used by women (and men) to treat infertility for centuries, and they also form the basis of many current fertility prescription medications as well. If you are considering IVF, you should also check out this important information on acupuncture for fertility, where you will learn how IVF and acupuncture combined has been proven, scientifically, to improve conception rates. Did you know that many brands of olives for olive oil are grown in Algeria? This include Bertolli’s olive oil, which you may have thought was mainly Italian. Spanish companies are also actively working on planting millions of olive trees through Algeira. The University of Cordoba is working on a project involving the Arbequina olive tree. This tree is smaller than many olive trees, which makes it easier to hand pick the olives. It is thought that the tree originated in Palestine, but it was named after a town in Spain known as Arbeca (in Catalonia). There are great hopes for the Arbequinia olive in Algeria. It is thought to be well adapted to the kind of cultivation and harvesting common in the country. The small, brownish colored olive also produces a very high quality olive oil, in great quantities as well for its size. In fact, every 100 kilos of olives can produce nearly 20 liters of olive oil. Also, the tree matures a lot quicker than standard olive trees, producing olives suitable for harvest in as little as three years (instead of five, for regular olives). It is also a very drought tolerant tree which lives for a very long time, but it is also quite cold tolerant as well. Really, this is an amazing variety of olive! Like many other forms of appropriate technology, such as composting toilet systems, this olive tree variety has a lot to offer to Algeria. If you are handicapped or disabled, check out these recommendations for a stair chair lift and handicap stair lift. You may not think of Algeria as a cold place, but it has many mountains that can get quite cold at night. This olive tree will help meet the doubling of olive oil consumption expect worldwide between 1990 and 2020. Many countries, like Spain and Greece now have much of their land already dedicated to olive growing and new territories are necessary to meet th demand. Because of many of its natural qualities, Algeria is a great site to expand on olive cultivation to meet this growing demand.


Algeria is a very beautiful country! Full of deserts, mountains, rivers and beautiful people, it also has a remarkable history and plays an important role in the history of humanity more generally.

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